Data from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) 2017 report shows that about 262 million children and youths are out of school. This estimate includes 64 million children of primary school age, 61 million of lower secondary school age and 138 million of upper secondary school age.

 As concerned global citizens, we are saddened by these revelations and therefore wanted to be part of the remedy to mitigate its prevalence.  In logical light of this, The Pen World runs a mainstream school that follows the Ghana Education Service Curriculum. The school currently enrolls and educates about 300 pupils from nursery to primary six. The central focus of the school is on the teaching of English Language, Computer Studies, Integrated Science, Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship.

The school charges no school fees and extremely needy children are supported with books, uniforms, and bags. Our ultimate educational aim is to provide free but quality basic and entrepreneurial education to children in rural communities across Ghana.

Entrepreneurship & Skills Training:

Youth unemployment is on the rise and our educational system is lacking the necessary content to equip them with the vital skills needed to be gainfully employed after each level of education completed. The focus on general education at the expense or detriment of technical and vocational education is one contributing factor for the high rise in youth unemployment.  Investment and national priority must equally be given to technical and vocational education to attract interested youths into this sector of the economy.

At The Pen World, we believe these skills are vital for national development. Therefore, we aim to reduce the youth unemployment challenges in the country by providing youths in rural communities with skills Development Training and Entrepreneurship Education which will equip them with the necessary skills and financial support to start their own micro-businesses.