On Friday, November 2, 2018 The Pen World staged its first prototype educational program in Afife to test its effectiveness on children. Reading programs are virtually absent in rural communities which invariably affect the future of children in these communities. To avert this deficiency, Read Like A Parrot was created to introduce and kindle the passion of reading in children.

Eight children from primary three, four, five and six were chosen for the event. Two pupils from each class were chosen. Five exciting moral stories were given to the pupils to study within two weeks before contesting against each other in the grand finale. The stories chosen were The Midas Touch, The Golden Egg, The Tortoise And The Bird, The Boy Who Cried Wolf and Change Yourself And Not The World.

Prinsca and Mawudeka represented class three. Raymond and Milord represented class four whiles Bernice and Bright and Christabel and Rose represented class five and six respectively. The program was started at 10:12 am and ended around 11:48 am. The judges for the event were Mr. Hope, Madam Nancy and Madam Esther who are volunteer teachers at The Pen World.

The contestants were taken through an exciting journey of spelling, poetry and reading. They did extremely well as they put in their maximum efforts to become winners. Finally, the judges declared Christabel Mensah as the ultimate winner, Bright Komkpa as the first runners up and Bernice Mensah as the second runners up. Prizes awarded to the winners of this prototype program were school uniform, dictionary, school bag, pens, exercise books and a cash of US $12.

The children were happy as the program was educational and entertaining as well. As pioneers of the program, we were glad with the outcome and look forward to making it a national event to impact more children.

Can you read like a parrot? Then join us!