Many things bring out the creativity in children. One such thing is coloring:  Yea, coloring builds the literacy foundation of children.

Yet most educators and parents aren’t aware of its positive impacts on children.

The formative years of a child’s education are very paramount therefore coloring must be part of their upbringing.

Coloring is fun and it builds the imaginative powers of a child. When you take coloring out of a child, you take away his or her creativity.

On the 18th February 2020, Mr. Julius Kafui Hedihor donated 116 packets of BeBe branded coloring pencil and 16 branded balloons to support The Pen World.

We are most appreciative as we thrive on these benevolent gestures to impact more children in every aspect of their educational pursuits.

In Ghana, it’s very difficult to find individuals or local organizations supporting the works of NGOs. In most cases, it is the international organizations that help the most.

The Pen World since its inception has never been supported by any local outfit but by its directors and few foreign organizations.

It’s, therefore, welcoming news, when Mr. Julius Hedihor, the Marketing Manager of Bebe Foods and Beverages Company Limited, the producers of BeBe Milk Drink donated towards our art project.

Also, we are elated that this act of humanitarianism was initiated by a native of Voltaland.

Mr. Julius Hedihor, Voltarians are happy and proud of you.