About us:

The Pen World is a non-governmental organization founded on the tenet of the 3Es-education, entrepreneurship and employment to fully mitigate the social and economic challenges faced by children and women in marginalized communities across Ghana. Children and women in these communities form the nucleus of everything we do. They are the fuel that ignites our passion to remain calm and persistent in the face of adversities. We strive hard every day to make sure every child and woman within our reach thrive to become socially and economically independent.

Vision Statement:

We envision a world where the aspirations of children and women in developing communities are fully maximized for the development of their own communities.

Mission Statement:

We are on an exciting mission to develop the next great leaders and technocrats for rural development via intensive education, empowerment and employment.

Our Philosophy:

The Pen World is guided by the following three philosophies:


Literacy and numeracy are central to all our programs. It is our firm believe that, every child anywhere is endowed with multiple talents and has the potential to contribute meaningfully towards the development of society when given the appropriate education that meets these specific talents. It is our unflinching responsibility to help these children identify their natural talents and to provide the kind of education that can develop these talents into marketable assets.


A child who is educated is being empowered. However, formal education is only one aspect of empowerment. At The Pen World, we believe the brain to be the most powerful organ for the success or failure of a child. Therefore, a child must be fed with the right kind of information to complement his/her education.  We strive to help children and women in marginalized communities thrive by empowering them through leadership education, skills development training, mentorship programs, volunteering opportunities, networking, entrepreneurial education and funding.


A child who has been appropriately educated and empowered wouldn’t be a liability but rather an asset to society. At The Pen World, we are of the firm conviction that an education must lead to employment: employed or self-employed, if it fails then it’s exploitation and not education. We live every day to make this a reality and not just a mere rhetoric.

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